martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Hasta luego

But, when I saw us, so far away
I knew that it wasn't the end
It was just the beginning of something
Maybe, it was just the hope of
something better in these times,
like everything when we want it
Maybe, if you can turn our little delirium
upside down, you'll find me there... waiting
But you shouldn't belive in my words,
'cause we know, that in a little time,
Only I, will be far away, alone
All that I want to say,
it's that I don't need more than this,
to turn my hole world upside down

1 comentario:

  1. Chere Paulen,

    hey baby, que te extraño mucho
    y no se nada de vos. y pa tu cumple te deje un mensajito en feisbuc y mi celular estaba sin bateria y no tenia tu nro, y cuando lo consegui llame y no habia nadie :(

    sé que no tiene un pomo que ver con lo lindo que escribiste acá... pero tenía que largarlo jaja, te quiero ver dulcesita

    un beso,